Review of Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Slot

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality game is among the most celebrated netent-casinos . There was a common belief among the ancient Egyptians that the dead pharaohs would someday become immortal upon being reborn. This is the reason behind them burying a pharaoh alongside their possessions and treasures in the pyramid tombs.

The belief in immortal life thereafter is also the reason why various explorers have been attempting their best in plundering the Egyptian pyramids for several years. Well, you don't have to belong to the ancient ages to enjoy these fantasies. This video slot game lets you seek priceless treasures, such as corinnemisiri .

Quest for Immortality Game Overview

There has been an uproar that game producers should stop using Ancient Egypt as their basis for developing their casino game products considering that it has been much overly done. On the contrary, NetEnt game developer has proven its ability to use the theme in a very successful way.

NetEnt has used the Ancient Egypt theme as its basis in providing a few different games. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is the best slot game that it's produced using this celebrated theme. The game occurs at the forefront of a pyramid and on either side of the reels, there're two columns of Egyptian deities.


Pyramid: Quest for Immortality's Game Layout

Pyramid: Quest for immortality is a 720-playline, 5-reel video slot game. It is a top-notch slot that features a somewhat unique reel structure while at the same time, providing the player with amazing gaming experience. You can visit any of the NetEnt casinos to play this thrilling game for real money.

If you are a newbie gambler, it is advisable that you visit various sites to give Pyramid: Quest for Immortality game free spin. This video slot game features a minimum of one and a maximum of 10 coins per line. It has 50 jackpots and a high return to play (RTP) of 96.48%.

Pyramid's Tomb Treasure

From this pyramid tomb, a player can plunder various lucrative prizes including up to 15 times of their line-bet for locating the bejeweled scarab beetles, up to 10 times for locating the golden eagles, and up to 8 times for locating the golden snakes. This lucrative video slot game has a lot to desire.

When playing the game, all you need to get up to a 25 times win on your bet-line is to try and find the mistresses who happened to have been buried alive together with the all-powerful pharaoh. You should also note that finding the pharaoh enables you to earn up to 50 times your bet-line.

Pyramid Slot Final Thought

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality takes you to a completely new world, enabling you to walk like an Egyptian thanks to its mysterious theme plucked from the sands of the time. You enjoy a journey to the land of pharaohs whether you are playing it in a free mode or for money.

The game boasts of an avalanche of features, a multiplier, wild generations, and wild substitutions. A scarab, a cobra, an eagle, Cleopatra, and images of a pharaoh are among the basic symbols that are available on the Pyramid's wheels. Although the immortality aspect is well and good, all a player is after is its riches.